Page Curl

That’s it!

图片 1


Step 4) Now, warp your image anyway you need. I did mine like this:

图片 2

Step 2) Select layer 2 and go to edit>free transform or by pressing

图片 3

图片 4

Step 6) Now double click on your layer to bring your ‘layer style’
options. Apply and experiment with drop shadow, and bevel & emboss for
desired look. Here’s mine:

图片 5

Step 3) Right click on your image, and choose warp.

In this tutorial we are going to show how you can make a page curl
effect with simple steps using warp technique in photoshop.

Step 1) Get both images on layer 1 and layer 2 like image below

图片 6

Step 5) Right click, choose free transform, then double click to go
deactivate free transform.

图片 7